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The truth is

“I’m petrified, okay? I’m scared to death of tomorrow. I don’t welcome the sunrise; if I could hide in the cool evening, make it stretch into forever so that I wouldn’t have to face the unknown, I think I’d do it. I tell myself that I think I would. Do you know how many awful things can befall a person in a day? In less time than it takes to inhale? We may not be indiscriminate, but life is. It doesn’t give a damn who you love, or how beautiful you are, how kind, who needs you, who wants you dead. It can drive you mad just to consider the depths to which you can fall, the heights from which you can be dropped.

I know this makes me a coward. I know it sounds like I’m spitting in the very face of God, of the gift of life. I know that. I feel ashamed of it, this crushing fear, this admission that I don’t believe in my own existence, or trust in my own strength, or purpose, and that I’m constantly confused. Totally baffled, all the time. But I think — I hope — that maybe it means something that I feel like this and I just know I can’t face this world, I can’t, and I get up, every day, go out, and exist anyway.”

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“One likes to think there’s something in it, that old platitude amor vincit omnia. But if I’ve learned one thing in my short sad life, it is that that particular platitude is a lie. Love doesn’t conquer everything. And whoever thinks it does is a fool.”

Richard, from Donna Tartt’s The Secret History

I’m not in a somber mood, really, but I do love this quote and am re-reading my favorite book, which it’s from. Mostly I love it because I agree with it, having all my life tried to placate myself with silly bullshit whenever someone’s wronged me. But, at the ripe old age (ha) of twenty-eight, three things are happening: I suddenly can’t stand teenagers; I’m being increasingly confronted by death; and finally, I’m slowly stripping away behaviors and nuances from my personality that I’ve come to hate. It’s like peeling an onion for me, because I am tenacious when it comes to holding on past all reason. And, I have a tendency to defend the weaknesses of others, to turn the spotlight onto my own deficiencies in an effort to distract from those in the people I love. It’s exhausting and I don’t want to do it anymore.

Today is not a bad day. This is just a really good book, and one that reminds of the many things I want to be and more than that, the very, very many things I don’t.

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Another reminder.

“You can’t demand recognition. You can’t demand validation, or proof of emotion, or that promises stay forever promised and unchanged. If it were so simple to know, absolutely, that you were loved and appreciated, needed and revered, there would no longer be a motive for passion or discovery. If every promise we’ve ever made to our reflections or to each other stayed unbroken, we would ourselves remain stagnant and quiet, soft and weak from the protection of self-inflicted ignorance. A person with nothing to learn and nothing to question becomes quickly bored and quickly useless; a husk of themselves, that once was filled with drive and desire. I want nothing of boredom and nothing of silence. Should I forever be restless and wondering, imagining, dreaming, questioning, curious and confused, I will consider myself luckier than any person who wholeheartedly, stupidly believes that they’ve answered all of the questions they will never have the courage to ask.”

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It’s because we can be good to other creatures that we have a responsibility to do so.

-Wayne Pacelle, HSUS

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